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Organizational Structure of the GC3

UMass Lowell Center for Sustainable Production

The GC3 is a project of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.  Lowell Center staff facilitate and manage all GC3 activities.



Advisory Committee

The GC3 Advisory Committee is elected annually by members.  This committee works with Lowell Center staff to determine the direction and scope of the GC3 and its activities. 

 Current GC3 Advisory Committee includes:

John Frazier,
Mary Grim,
Barbara Hanley,
Hewlett Packard
Al Iannuzzi,
Johnson & Johnson
 Bob Israel,
Rich Liroff,
Investor Environmental Heath Network
Roger McFadden,
Ken Zarker,
Washington State Department of Ecology


Project Groups

Research and outreach activities and deliverables that advance the GC3 mission are carried out through a series of smaller project groups. The number and focus of projects undertaken each year are decided at the annual GC3 Roundtable. All GC3 members are encouraged to participate in and take leadership of project groups.

Annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable

The Annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable is where members, potential members, and invited guests come together to share relevant and up to date information, experiences and knowledge that can help advance the implementation of green chemistry and design for environment practices and the production and marketing of safer chemicals, materials and products.

GC3 Members

GC3 members are champions and innovators in the fields of green chemistry, design for the environment, and the production of safer chemicals, materials and products.  Approximately 75% of GC3 members are individual companies and 25% are representatives from non-governmental organizations, local, state and federal government agencies, and consulting firms.  All members agree to a set of guidelines and policies.