Key to Data Category Definitions

Type of Entity

Non-profit, for profit, academic, government, industry, trade association, etc.

At a Glance

Brief summary of tool, its goal and how retailers can use it.

Focus of Evaluation

  1. Substances (chemicals, ingredients)
  2. Products (articles)
  3. Companies/product lines

Product Stage of Life Evaluated

  1. Raw Material
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Transportation
  4. Consumer Use
  5. End of Life

Impact(s) Evaluated

Detail about which attributes are evaluated (Air emissions, ecological health, energy use, GHGs, material impacts, ozone depletion, human health, social responsibility, water use, water emissions, worker health and safety).

Tool Description

Summary of how the tool works.

Product Category

Which product types or industries does the tool evaluate?

Tool Requirements

Type of input needed (MSDS, ingredient lists, etc.) and from whom (retailer/ supplier/vendor).

Cost of Tool

Fee Structure.