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Standards, Certifications & Labels

At a Glance

EcoLogo was founded as an environmental certification program by the government of Canada in 1988 and is now recognized worldwide with standards developed for over 122 product categories. The goal is to set standards so that only the top 20% of products on the market are able to achieve certification. EcoLogo is managed by TerraChoice, which was recently purchased by Underwriters Laboratories Canada Standards (ULC Standards). The website contains a database for retailers and purchasers that enable them to quickly find EcoLogo labeled products.

Tool Website(s)

Tool Owner/Sponsor

The EcoLogo Mark is owned by the Government of Canada. The EcoLogo Program is managed by TerraChoice, which has been purchased by Underwriters Laboratories Canada.

Type of Entity


Focus of Evaluation

Substances, products

Product Stage of Life Evaluated

Manufacturing, consumer use, end of life

Impact(s) Evaluated

Air emissions, ecological health, energy use, GHG's, human health, material impacts, social responsibility, water use, water emissions, worker health and safety

Tool Description

Ecologo has developed standards for 122 product categories. Data required differs for each standard. EcoLogo uses a life cycle analysis approach, evaluating impacts of a product from manufacturing through consumer use and end of life (when products are disposed of). Terrachoice requires access to quality control and production records and the right to unannounced access to production facilities. Testing by a third-party accredited laboratory under controlled, replicable conditions is required. A report of testing results is required and must be available to the EcoLogo program. If approval is recommended by the third-party certifier, the product must pass a final on-site inspection by TerraChoice. If the product passes inspection, certification is awarded.

Product Categories

Apparel & Footwear; Automotive; Building Materials & Products; Cleaning & Janitorial Products (Residential & Commercial/Industrial); Electronics; Furniture; Hard Goods, Appliances; Health & Beauty, Cosmetics, Pharmacy; Paints & Coatings; Photo & Printing; Pool & Spa; Tools, Hardware, Plumbing; Toys

Tool Requirements

Companies are required to supply different data for each standard but common data requirements include energy/renewable energy use, materials used (type and amount, including known or suspected toxic chemicals), pollution (materials introduced into the air/water), use/disposal/end of life criteria including biodegradation and/or recyclability, aquatic/environmental and human toxicity, ozone depletion, performance, safe handling and use instructions, packaging information, raw materials sourcing, recyclable content, and industrial/manufacturing safety. Specific data needs can be found for each standard on the website at

Cost of Tool

An initial auditing fee costs between $1,000-$5,000 depending on the type and number of products. A cost of $250-$2,100 is charged for additional products and services. After certification, a licensing fee of 0.5% of product sales is applied. The applicant also pays travel costs for the auditor.

Evaluation Frequency

Certification does not have an end date if there are no changes to the product, and the client takes the necessary steps to keep their product compliant with updates, However when clients want to change their product they must notify TerraChoice so that it can be re-audited. There may also be random site audits in order to ensure that clients are complying with the standard. Certification lasts until the client is not compliant with the updated standard, or they withdraw from the program.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: The label has worldwide recognition.

Examples of Retailers That Use It

Canadian Tire, Jean Coutu, The Beer Store, Superstore, Loblaws, Rona, Home Depot, Walmart

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For More Information

Angela Griffiths: (800) 478-0399; Tony Tran :


EcoLogo has partnerships with Ecoform, EPEAT, GoodGuide, and ISSA

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