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Actio Material Disclosure

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Actio Material Disclosure

Tool Category

Third-party Evaluation Tools

At a Glance

Actio Material Disclosure is a supply chain communication tool that retailers and manufacturers can use to securely collect, store, and distribute regulatory and ingredient information about materials in a product supply chain for global compliance. It is designed as a robust, structured database platform to track, analyze and compare raw material chemical components and product data against regulations. Suppliers enter chemical composition information and documentation into a product record which can then be accessed, at the supplier's discretion, by manufacturers or retailers that want to evaluate or purchase the material.

Tool Website(s)

Tool Owner/Sponsor

Actio Corporation

Type of Entity

For profit

Focus of Evaluation

Substances, products

Product Stage of Life Evaluated

Raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, end of life

Impact(s) Evaluated

Ecological health, human health, worker health and safety

Tool Description

Actio Material Disclosure organizes product information by component and chemical ingredient. It consolidates data on toxic or potentially hazardous substances in the supply chain that may be contained in a company's products. Supplier product and materials data is compared against national, international, and local regulations, directives and standards, along with any industry or client specific restricted substance lists. The collection of this data creates a single product record that is stored in a central repository. Securely, and by permission only, retailers can be granted access to see the information designated by the supplier.

Product Categories

All Sectors

Tool Requirements

Suppliers must provide comprehensive material content information including MSDSs, technical data sheets, certificates of analysis, and food grade certificates. This data is entered once,resides as a single product record, and is stored in a central repository. The information is immediately accessible to the retailer or manufacturer.

Cost of Tool

Cost depends on client requirements and data management needs. Off-the-shelf and customized modules are also available.

Evaluation Frequency


Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: The supply chain communication tool allows suppliers to enter chemical composition information into a product record that can be accessed, at the supplier's discretion, by manufacturers or retailers.

Examples of Retailers That Use It

Home Depot (Behr line), Stanley, Black & Decker, Herman Miller, Green Mountain Coffee

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For More Information

Chris Nowak: (603) 433-2300 x 150,

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