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SciVera Lens™

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SciVera Lens™

Tool Category

Third-party Evaluation Tools

At a Glance

SciVera Lens™ is a web-based tool that evaluates chemical ingredients in materials and products for human health and environmental hazards. In addition, the tool considers exposure scenarios. This is a relatively new tool that has primarily been used in the automotive sector but could potentially be used in all retail sectors.

Tool Website(s)

Tool Owner/Sponsor


Type of Entity

For profit

Focus of Evaluation

Substances, products

Product Stage of Life Evaluated

Raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, consumer use, end of life

Impact(s) Evaluated

Ecological health, human health, worker health and safety

Tool Description

The SciVera Lens™ enables users to determine toxicological information about chemical ingredients in their products. The system output is a dashboard of hazard and risk scoring, for evaluation and management of materials and their constituent chemicals. Using this tool, manufacturers and their suppliers can explore various scenarios to improve a product's chemical hazard or risk profile and identify safer alternatives. The scientific analysis provided goes beyond authoritative lists and regulations regarding toxic chemicals. Sci Vera's toxicologists review scientific literature and use expert judgement and data modeling as necessary. The "default" hazard assessment framework consists of several governmental and other endpoint-specific frameworks. An assessment of the potential exposure to a product or chemical ingredient is also included.

Product Categories

All Sectors

Tool Requirements

Suppliers throughout the supply chain must provide product ingredient information. The process protects companies� proprietary product or supplier information, while communicating the results of the assessment downstream to the requesting party.

Cost of Tool

This subscription based tool allows subscribers access to all features of the software for one year. Basic features include automated hazard and risk assessment of unlimited products, components and substances. More features are available for an additional fee, including ongoing enhancement of the software user interface and increased functionality for securely communicating assessment information with suppliers and customers.

Evaluation Frequency


Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: It is an easy to use software tool that goes beyond the use of authoritative lists and regulations regarding toxic chemicals. SciVera's™ toxicologists review scientific literature and use expert judgment and data modeling as necessary. Exposure is also considered.

Examples of Retailers That Use It

Automotive industry

Similar Tools that Serve the Same Industry or Product Category

GreenWERCS, 3E Green Product Analyzer™, IHS Chemical Inventory Greening Solutions

For More Information

Joseph Rinkevich:

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