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Chemicals Management Framework

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Chemicals Management Framework

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The Chemicals Management Module (CMM) is a groundbreaking roadmap for companies to benchmark, establish, build, maintain and improve chemicals management processes as part of an overall corporate management system. It provides a shared strategic guide for companies in the outdoor and fashion industries - and beyond - to better manage chemicals they use to create products.

Outdoor Industry Association is a US trade association (US active outdoor recreation business): The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is a US trade organization comprised of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government, and non-governmental organizations and academic experts, representing more than a third of the global apparel and footwear market:

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The CMWG is a joint effort between the Outdoor Industry Association Sustainability Working Group and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

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Tool Description

The CMM indicators will be integrated into the Higg Index - the apparel index tool that the OIA helped develop - in partnership with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, to bolster the chemicals management portion of the Index.


The CMM is organized into seven primary objectives that form the building blocks of a robust chemicals management strategy. Within each primary objective is a set of indicators that serve as a checklist of business processes and procedures. The indicators are grouped into 3 levels of action to enable any company to use the Module immediately, and to support continuous improvement: “Foundational”, “Progressive” and “Aspirational.” 

Seven (7) Primary Objectives upon which the Chemicals Management Module is based:

1. Regulatory Awareness and Compliance

2. Restricted Substances / Substances of Concern

3. Process and Product Chemicals Knowledge

4. Chemical Hazard Assessment

5. Chemical Safety and Risk Management

6. Safer Alternatives Assessment and Preferred Substances

7. Sustainable Chemistry Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Product Categories

Apparel & Footwear; Outdoor/Sporting Goods; Textiles

Tool Requirements

Users register and download the Chemicals Management Module and score their company on different aspects of chemicals management including regulatory awareness and compliance, restricted substances/substances concern, etc. They identify what needs to be improved, what resources are necessary for the improvement, and create goals.

Cost of Tool

Registration is required but use of the tool is free.

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