Irene Erdelmeier photo Irene Erdelmeier

Organic and Medicinal Green Chemist, Co-founder of Tetrahedron, France
Webinar: Careers in Green Chemistry

Irene co-founded the French start-up Tetrahedron with Jean-Claude Yadan and Marc Moutet in 2003, with the goal to bring safe and innovative products to the healthcare market. As Director of Chemistry, she introduced new reactions and technologies for the development of more sustainable chemical processes, with a special interest in tools to identify hotspots and to measure the real impact of improvements in the spirit of green chemistry.

By training an organic chemist and engineer with a Post-Doc in chemical toxicology, Irene led in former positions R&D projects within a French biotech company focused on Free Radical Biology and at L’Oreal, acted as Director of Chemistry of Oxis SA and co-founded a CRO in Medicinal Chemistry.