2013 Green Chemistry & Commerce Council Innovators Roundtable

Thank you to all sponsors of the 8th Annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable


Roundtable Summary
Roundtable Agenda
Speakers' Bios
GC3 Thought Starter on Mainstreaming Green Chemistry
GC3 Project Group Summaries at a Glance

2013 Innovators Roundtable Presentations

Welcome and Introductions

Overview of Project Group Accomplishments in 2012

Discussion: Mainstreaming Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry at Genentech: Inspiration & Innovation

Advancing Safer Chemistry in the Medical Device Sector


Safer Chemicals and Materials: Closing the Gap Between what Brands and Retailers Need and What the Chemical Industry is Offering

Part 1- Cleaning and Other Formulated Household Products

Part 2- Engineering Plastics


Measuring Progress Toward Safer Chemical Use in Processes and Products


Strategy Session: Mainstreaming Green Chemistry



GC3 2nd National Summit for Retailers

Thank you to all sponsors of the 2nd National Summit for retailers



Retailer Summit Summary

Summit Agenda
Speakers' Bios

2013 Retailer Summit Presentations

Drivers for Safer Chemicals and Products in the Retail Sector and Key Leverage Points for Change

Educating Consumers and Building Demand for Safer Products

Addressing Supply Chain Challenges to Encourage the Manufacture and Sale of Safer Products

New Tools to Assist Retailers in the Transition to Safer Chemicals and Products